cold storage warehouse located near Constanta, Romania - two major european crossroads - computerised monitoring and control - health and customs authorisation - partnership offer for producers


Frigorifer Ltd. offers for rent cold storage warehouse spaces for freezing / refreezing with temperatures from -26°C to + 16°C and a total storage space of 5600 tones for frozen meat, frozen fish, dairy, fresh fruyits and vegetables. The freezing / refreezing facilities of Frigorifer meets the highest european standards for cold storage.


Situated in Ovidiu, only 15 km from Constanta, with direct access from the european roads E60 and E85, Intertnational Airport Mihail Kogalniceanu and Constanta Black Sea Port, this freezer warehouse is the ideal solution for perishable goods storage in the Constanta area.


The warehouse is authorised to operate as a customs warehouse, thus welcoming the importers and exporters from the Constanta are, and holds all the required health and veterinary authorisations for intra-communitary exchange for goods of animal origin.


Frigorifer has brand new cold storage facilities made in Germany (Bitzer) with freezing machines monitored and controled by high-tech computers. The storage of freezed / refreezed products is made according to the european standards and the clients have permanent access to the temperature diagram for their stored goods. The warehouse assures authorised personell and machinery for loading / unloading the merchandise through the 5 access points. An authorised doctor is always present for inspection and quality control.


Frigorifer is the ideal solution for cold storage of frozen meat, frozen fish, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. Our clients are exporters looking for new markets in Romania, importers who do not wish to block their capital and want fast and direct access to the goods and the producers or wholesalers with cold storage needs.


If you are an importer, exporter or producer of meat, fish, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and need an european cold storage space with reasonable prices, then Frigorifer is the ideal solution!

frozen meat frozen fish perisable products fresh fruits and vegetables